Special Sessions

SS4-Recent Developments in Design and control of components for Self-operated E-vehicles.

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
1.Dr.Y. Thiagarajan, Associate Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering New Horizon College of Engineering Bangalore
2.Dr.S.Yazhinian, Associate Professor , Department of ECE, Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology

This session will be a pipeline for the Students, Interns, Scholars, Startups and industry professionals working in the area of E- vehicle and also discuss the research outcomes, future scenario and other framework related to Electrified vehicle their component’s structure, reimaging and the efficiency for long run.
Rationale: This Special Session will aim to discuss the recent technological issues and challenges faced by an individual or by team of members who consistently work on the various design analogy as well prototyping were E -vehicles are the next boom to connect the Machines with humans.

Topics of the Session:

We are accepting high quality articles related to the above said and but not limited to:

● Smart Technology for the future
● E-Vehicle design and development
● Ultra-capacitor-based Motor drives for Low power cars
● Hybrid for future Technology
● Flexible Electronics for E-vehicle technology
● Advanced battery technologies for electric vehicles
● Blockchain/AI/Bigdata for Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Grid
● Power converters and Electric Motor Drives
● Design issues, Battery Lifetime and future
● Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Systems
● Green technology
● Conventional and Non-Conventional Energies
● Battery Management – Thermal characteristics of Batteries
● Environmental issues and constraint in use of batteries.
● Recycling and Rescaling of batteries
● Charging and BMS Technology for future

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