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SS33-Computational Algorithm for Wireless Communication

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr.S.Kannadhasan, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Study World College of Engineering Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
Dr.R.Nagarajan, Professor Gnanamani College of Technology Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India
Kanagaraj Venusamy, Assistant Professor (Sl.Gr) Rajalakshmi Engineering College Chennai

Scope of the Thematic Issue
Advances in Wireless Communication is an international research that publishes cutting-edge research in all areas of wireless communications systems, including cellular telephony, personal communications systems, and wireless local area networks, using radio and infrared transmission mechanisms. The issue will serve as a venue for academics and practitioners interested in wireless networks and mobile communications from both academia and industry to exchange ideas, explore solutions, and share experiences. Network architectures for personal communication systems, wireless LANS, radio, tactical, and other wireless networks, protocol design and analysis, network management and network performance, network services and service integration, nomadic computing, internets working with cable and other wireless networks, standardization and regulatory issues, and specific s are all regularly addressed issues. The technological breadth of the book reflects the increasing symbiosis of portable computers and wireless networks, addressing mobility, computing, and information organization, as well as access, services, management, and applications. The scope of mobile technologies includes all aspects of mobile computers, systems, apps, and services, as well as wireless communications and networking. Wireless Communications offers a venue for exchanging research and ideas in this fast-moving subject between academia and the telecommunications and networking businesses. Wireless and mobile communication is a critical component of the global information exchange system. As a result, all users must be able to access data at a high data rate, with enough of bandwidth and a precise network protocol. As a result, build the technology with its domain scenario year after year

Keywords: 6 to 8 keywords should be provided. Wireless Communication, Mobile Communication, Antenna, 5G, Network Security and Wireless Networks

The sub-topics to be covered within the issue should be provided:

• Wireless mobile communication networks
• Machine Learning and AI for mobile networking
• Connected and Autonomous vehicle
• SDN and NFV
• Ultra-wideband communications and applications
• Smart-home, smart-grid, smart-vehicle, and smart-city
• Internet of things (applications, protocols and architectures)
• Cooperative/non-cooperative communications
• Game theory applied to networking problems
• Modeling and performance evaluation
• Energy efficient communications and green networking
• Physical layer design and Signal processing
• Channel capacity estimation, modeling and equalization
• Resource management, allocation and scheduling
• Smart antennas: MIMO, Massive MIMO and beamforming
• Mobility Issues and continuity of services
• Beyond 4G and 5G communications
• Global communication and 6G Networks
• M2M and MTC communications
• Cognitive radio networks
• MIMO Systems
• Multiple Access Techniques
• Multiuser Detection
• Modulation and Coding
• Multirate and Multicarrier Communications
• Network Performance
• Network Coding
• Network Architectures and Protocols, with an emphasis on Physical and Link Layer Communication
• Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
• Propagation and Channel Characterization
• Radio and Broadband Communications
• Multimedia Networking
• Mobile Networks and Wireless LAN
• Mobile and Wireless Internet
• Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)
• Network Protocol
• Network Planning, Reliability, Dimensioning
• Network Performance Measurements
• Network Security and Issues
• Network Routing and Communication Algorithms
• Optical Networks
• Peer to Peer Network
• Parallel/ Distributed/ Hardware Algorithms and Architectures
• Privacy Preserving Computation
• Reliability and Fault-tolerance
• Satellite Communication and Broadcast Systems
• Trusted Systems
• Ubiquitous Computing Systems
• Web, Grid, Cluster Computing
• Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
• Advancement in Mobile Communications
• Advancement in Telecommunication
• Architectures of Mobile & Wireless Networks
• Algorithms to cope with Mobile & Wireless Networks
• Algorithms and Modeling for Tracking and Locating Mobile Users
• Cryptography used in Mobile & Wireless Networks
• Complexity Analysis of Algorithms for Mobile Environments
• Cross-cultural Mobile Communications
• Protocols used for Mobile & Wireless Networks
• Performance of Mobile and Wireless Networks and Systems
• Resource Management in Mobile, Wireless and Ad-hoc Networks
• Security and Privacy of Mobile & Wireless Networks
• Scheduling Issues in Mobile and Ad hoc Networks
• Synchronization Issues in Mobile and Ad hoc Networks
• Telematics, Pervasive Computing
• Teaching Mobile Communication Applications
• Teletraffic Modeling and Management
• Variety of Wired and Wireless Communications Systems and Protocols
• Wireless Advertising/ CRM
• Algorithms and protocols to cope with mobility, limited bandwidth, limited energy, and intermittent connectivity
• Mobile, location-dependent applications and services
• Wireless communication techniques
• Data management issues in mobile environments
• Integration of wired and mobile, wireless systems
• Design, implementation, and operation of emerging wireless technologies
• Measurement and performance characterization of mobile, wireless systems
• Architectures that support mobility services
• Wireless and mobile network management
• Wearable computing, body-area networks, vehicular networks, under-water networks
• Mobile, wireless sensing systems
• Security and privacy issues in wireless and mobile environments
• Applications of mobile, wireless systems into emerging domains, such as smart grids, Internet-of-Things, and social media

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