Special Sessions

SS32-Women Enablement in Research, Applications, Innovation, Science & Entrepreneurship (WE RAISE)

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan Founder & CEO, MIT Square, London Founder & Chairman, Raj Square Charity Foundation

The Special Session on “Women Enablement in Research, Applications, Innovation, Science & Entrepreneurship (WE RAISE)” is led by the students of different institutions in India who are currently interning with MIT Square and volunteering with Raj Square Charity Foundation (RSCF), India. In the last few years, technologies are constantly evolving and finding new applications in the field of engineering. This has motivated in promoting women engineers, scientists, educators and researchers for better recognition in the workplace and empower them for career advancement to contribute in the engineering developments. The special session will build a professional network of women engineers, scientists and technologists offering inspiration, support and professional development. By collaborating, we support and inspire women to achieve as engineers, scientists and as leaders; we encourage the education of engineering; and we support organisations with gender diversity and inclusion. In collaboration with Raj Square Charity Foundation (RSCF), we would like to invite women engineers, scientists, educators, students and policymakers from academic sector, government, industry and non-governmental organizations to discuss, share and promote current works and recent accomplishments across all aspects of traditional and latest science and engineering topics. Raj Square Charity Foundation is committed to provide comprehensive, affordable and quality educational services to the neediest and to make India a better nation with 100% literacy rate for all citizens by marching towards achieving various goals discussed and raised by the UNESCO.

Key points and why to submit papers and/or attend?
• A special session on latest trends, applications and products in the area of science and engineering.
• Learn about cutting edge technologies on which you can pursue higher studies or work in companies. Internship opportunities in India and Abroad.
• Networking and mentoring opportunities from internationally recognized experts.
• Prominent international experts as keynote speakers.
• Social networking with peers.
• Showcase your projects to the world.
• A special recognition/award/cash prizes for the best research paper.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Digital Science
• Physical Science
• Interactive Science
• Web Science
• Design Science
• Data Science
• Crowd Science
• Open Science
• Information Science
• Visual Science
• Business Science
• Educational Science
• Health Science
• Forensic Science
• Agricultural Science

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