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SS3-Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Medical Things in Smart Healthcare Engineering

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
1.Dr. Santhosh Krishna B V, Associate Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering New Horizon College of Engineering Bangalore
2.Dr.P. Kiran Sree, Professor & Head Department of Computer Science and Engineering Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women Bhimavaram, Andhrapradesh

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every element of human living, including health and well-being management. Several forms of intelligent healthcare engineering applications have been developed to assist with patient healthcare and results, such as disease diagnosis and data analysis. AI along with IoMT advances in healthcare are still being pursued to help with diagnosing, health monitoring, and prescription drug tracking. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Soft Computing, and Evolutionary Computing Techniques in the Design, Implementation, and Optimization of Healthcare Engineering Solutions is an influential theoretical publication that provides extensive research on the possible applications of machine learning, deep learning, soft computing, and evolutionary computing techniques in the design, implementation, and optimization of healthcare technical solutions.
The major aim of this session is to impart a multidisciplinary perspective of employing new applications in healthcare engineering, exploring the combination of engineering principles with biological knowledge that contributes to the development of revolutionary and life-saving concepts.

Topics include:

Architectures of Healthcare IoMT
● Reviews on Healthcare IoT Technologies
● Intelligent Medical data sensing and Processing for distributed monitoring
● Applications of AI and IoMT as
● Wearable devices
● Community based healthcare services
● Ambient Assisted Living
● Child Health Information
● Patient Monitoring systems
● Telemedicine applications
● Challenges, Limitations in AI and IoMT
But not limited to

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