Special Sessions

SS22-Advances in high-k nanomaterials for various applications in electronic devices and circuits

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr. Debashish Dash, Assistant Professor Senior Dept. of Micro & Nano Electronics School of Electronics Engineering Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore

Today’s era demands different applications of electronics in different way. So researchers apply various techniques to build novel electronic structures by applying different materials. High-k materials are such materials which can change the face of electronic industry. Researchers are utilising the high-k materials due to the dielectric thickness which can be increased at the same capacitance, thereby supressing the leakage current. Gate leakage in a modern transistor occurs through a process called “quantum mechanical tunnelling”. It occurs when the gate dimension is so thin that the carriers have a certain statistical probability of being on the “downstream” side of the gate – without actually sloshing over the gate. So higher-k material remains desired for further enhancement. The aim of this special session will be a quick start for researchers to find their problem which explains the application of higher-k dielectric materials and their developments. Segment 1. Need of High-K materials Segment 2: Previous literature and developments carried out and Segment 3: Application point of view for fabricating novel compound semiconductor devices like TFET, FinFET, GaaFET, Memories and other circuits

Topics of the Special Session

• Band Gap engineering by High-K materials
• Application of higher-k materials to devices like TFET, FinFET, GaaFET
• Post CMOS devices
• Advanced Logic and Memory Devices
• Flexible and Organic Electronics
• Computational Modelling at the Nanoscale
• Novel Devices reliability

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