Special Sessions

SS17-Efficient and Secure Communication in Edge Computing Environment with its Application on Safety Vehicular Transport Systems and Challenges and development of Wearable Technologies

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr. Bhuvana Suganthi D, Associate Professor, Department of ECE, BNM Institute of Technology, Bengaluru
Dr. Punitha A, Professor, Department of Mechatronics, MAM School of Engineering, Thiruchirapalli, TamilNadu.

We provide a platform to the academicians, students. researchers and professionals to share the recent developments in the field of Fog Computing, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Distributed Computing, Wearable Technologies. All these domains have seen a major increase in attention recently with smart devices and more research towards the challenges on advanced wearable technologies.

Topics of the Special Session

This special session provides a platform for the researchers on the domain of Fog, Edge Computing in Mobile Environment and more on challenges and development of wearable technologies.

Fog Computing
Cloud Computing
Edge Computing
Growth of Wearable Technologies
Various Sensors involved in Wearable Technologies
Tools used in Wearable Technologies
Future scope of advancement in Wearable Technologies
Comparative Analysis of development in Wearable Technologies.

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