Special Sessions

SS15-Cyber Security and it’s Applications

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Session Chair/ Session Organizers:
Dr. Shashikala, Department of Information Science and Engineering, BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

The unauthorized person when they try to access the personal or organizational data which needs to be secured. The cyber security is the way to secure the data, device or anything.
As per the Mcaffe, the 2020 and 2021 was unexpectedly defined by a global pandemic. These years it was required to for all of us to work from home or distance learning or money transform through mobile banking, net banking and UPI and other sources. However, the attackers are taking advantage of the situation, which creates a cybersecurity pandemic on the other hand.
The Aim of this special session is to provide a platform for various researchers from different work culture to discuss about the cyber security and various applications, future development, the security in blockchain, ML based security, AI based Security, securing mobile applications, web applications, servers, firewalls, IoTs, cloud, data and information.

Topics of the Special Session

The contribution may include the topics of interest, but are not limited to the topics mentioned below

• Cyber security in Health care
• Cyber security in communication system
• Cyber security in network, mobile and IoT devices
• Protecting the devices and personal information from attackers using, ML, AI and deep learning methods
• Cyber security in smart grid
• Economic impact in cyber security
• Threats for organizations

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